Sunday, 20 December 2009


well i must say, i have been so much working on the pcb maker for the makerbot and writing a new wiki entry for the makerbot site - to be posted live soon, i havnt updated this much.

so yeah, thats it.

I was wanting to note a few more projects i want to have a go at -

This is Stephanie, an avatar room controller which works using voice commands.
This is something i have wanted to do for many years, and is partially why i got the makerbot in the first place. - to build parts to make an animated face that you could interact with and control stuff using iobridge.

This is a variation of room control - the 'party button'
This one was made in a dorm room, and would be great

this is more of a lower end version - noit as hightech but better in a larger venue

there are others which i will blog about, but for now im off to make a simple eagle pcb to make on my makerbot.

woop woop

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Why to use the nut on the extruder barrel

Just to remind me to writew a small section explaining why a nut is essential.

For those curious for now until a few hours later today till i write it, this is wehat that 4p nut on the brass barrel stops...

jUST FOUND MY MEMORY STICK AFTER ABOUT A MONTH, - i left it at work, and found my original 'plastic forcing its way out of the ptfe/heater barrel - hence the need for the nut!

you can just see the white of the melted abs poking out of the central hole of the main washer - the second 'bent' washer was to stop the barrel from being forced out.


Makerbot pcb tool biTs arrive

@makerbot ray from China has sent me my pcb tool biTs. Tests for PCB making quality in 9 hours . Will do so live testing using ustream of o cam get it to work

Monday, 14 December 2009

makerbot gift tags

IMAG0006, originally uploaded by Roboteernat.

Deciedd yo give this a go after seeing the reprap printable logo, results are good, on way now to give it to holly, results and reaction to come

Thursday, 3 December 2009

MegaUk order has arrived

MegaUk order has arrived, originally uploaded by Roboteernat.

Arrived. The router PCB bits and etchant crystals

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

aha changed website blog title!

as it says!

long live nats nonsenSe

oh and spelling

yeah if you have not realised, my spelling has been poor- but i need new batteries for my keyboard.

and nats nonsence is spelt incorrectly... it should be nats nonsense... rats...

recieved notification my router bits have arrived!

just got an email from dhl saying a delivery from MegaUK has been marked as delivered, am off home now (via the chinese take away - it was my birthday last saturday, and i fancy cel;ebrtating again with some chinese!) so home now and see what makerbot can do with proper router bits!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

first inverted pcb :D

IMAG0331, originally uploaded by Roboteernat.

second test, setting build platform level with masking tape, and using another snapped drill bit as the router, i changed a few settings in eagle to produce this design, based upon the eagle tutorials by (insert name here) on youtube.

my keyboaris playingup so i going to stop here.

also my engraving router bits from mega uk have not come yet so i will try agaiin tomorow

10 X10 cm PCB board cut ready for makerbot PCB testing

Just got some 10x10 PCB boards made u[p to put into makerbot. i need to drill the corner fixing holes but as they were not exactly lined up, i need to do this at home.

Some are double sided, and although it is a bit of a waste using this much for tests, i do have a fair bit of UV photoresist board and i got these boards from ebay at like £2.50 a board (200mm x 300mm double sided) so i think its ok.

i also have som smaller bits i can use.

I ordered 2 of each v cutter drill bits - 10,20,30,45 and 60 degrees, routers are to arrive today!

woop woop!

wouldnt it be fab that a makerbot can 'make' its motherboard as well as parts!