Friday, 16 April 2010

Rats... plastic tears and wooden saviours

Last night I decided to take apart my makerbot and put it in its new shell properly.
Something’s I didn’t not take into consideration was the extra holes I made in the printer chamber base to attach the electronics, nor the fact I soldered the wires for the motor.

After cutting them, I continued to piece together the shell, sadly it didn’t quite fit resulting in the fragile plastic shell snapping in more than 3 places... as well as having the tabs snap off about 3 places.

I’m not enjoying it at all... so now I’m left with a makerbot shell snapped, a wooden shell, and a makerbots bits box that need rebuilding... fun... not.

The conclusion of the day - make the tabs bigger than the material so that it will slot in easily, or failing that...

DONT MAKE IT OUT OF PLASTIC! Wood is the way to go.

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