Friday, 12 November 2010

yay! dont you just love payday!

well, pay day is upon us, well its been a few days and aftre sorting out all my other bits ni need to buy, i decieded to put money towards a mk5 and a few other bit and pieces for the makerbot... so putting in my order, i am dreading the cost of uk import tax... estimate it to be about £50 so when it comes i will let you know, but... it has been ordered!

for some reason i cant add a pic... but the total cost was $259.70, thats about £158.
i got:
mk5 plastruder full kit: $185 (£114.42)
2 x lengths of nichrome to replace mk4 bits: $10 (£6.18)
frostruder mk2 experimenters kit - to use on my pcb smt setup: $20 (£12.37)
10 x 3mm gold magnets: $2.50 (£1.54)
and postage: $42.20 (£26.10)

we shall see! its been shipped along with some timing belts to replace the ones i have originally, they were open ended belts glued together with wet suit glue so will eventully break!

but yay,

need to also buy a new stepper motor chip...


Pedro said...


I just wondering if had some more details or pics about your PCB etching mechnism for the Makerbot.

We're beginning distribution of Makerbot in the Uk ( and also running a forum on Robotics (and 3D printing for) on

We'd really love to know more about your work with etching PCBs tracks with the makerbot.

Any pointers to links or info would be greatly appreciated!


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